Denali Seekin 45 Microfiber clay Towel

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Denali USA Auto’s Seekin45 Microfiber clay towel with the high-tech polymerized rubber clay applied on one side, It can easily grabs all the above surface paints, dust and all contaminants, Leaving you with beautiful and smooth paint surface.

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  • Wash Vehicle surface to remove large particles.
  • We towel and surface with water. Clay lubricant or non-alkaline soap
  •  Gently rub clay side of towel across the free of loose particles to avoid scratching.
  • Within seconds, the paint will be clean.
  • Use the microfiber side of towel to wipe away excess moisture and remove any streaks.

Care Instruction:

  • Do not use with any soaps containing lye.
  • Do not use in direct sunlight or on surface exceeding 120F
  • Hand wash with cool water after use and lay flat to dry
  • Keep clay towel away from direct heat. 

Key Feature:

  • Saves Time: Showroom shine in half the time. Denali USA Auto’s Seekin45 Clay Towel help cut the time in half in compare to using traditional clay bar.
  •  Better Products: Denali USA Auto’s Seekin45 clay towels use 10% more clay on the microfiber towel than any average brands on the market. We welcome you try and compare.
  • Functions: The clay towel safely and easily removes paint overspray, airborne deposits, grains of metal, bug splatter, sticky tar rail dust, tree sap and more.
  • Long lasting: Denali USA Auto’s Seekin45 clay towel can be used more than 60 times (depends on size and condition of the car)
  •  Easy to clean: Just rinse it with cold water and lay flat to dry and it will be ready for storage.
  • High-tech: polymerized rubber clay applied on one side and microfiber towel on the other side.
  •  Size: 11.8”x11.8”