Denali Auto Vent And Dust Brush

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Denali USA Auto detailing dust brush with high quality ergonomic non-slip handle, can remove the dust, bread crumbs and other small items out of your wheels, air vents, trim, seat, leather, crevices and emblems, make your loved car fully tidy and clean from the inside out. Keep your brushes handy and accessible with our handle hanging holes.

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Key Feature:

  • FUNCTIONS:Our brush can be usefor interior and exterior cleaning and detailing jobs surface to help remove rust corrosion and paint. These brushes can be applied to narrow space and hard to reach areas.
  • NO SCRATCHING - There are no metal parts and the bristles are soft yet firm enough to get grime on the exterior of your vehicle.
  • VERSATILE - These brushes are perfect for detailing pretty much anything in the house, garage or shop.
  • EASY STORAGE - A hole on the handle makes it easy for hanging in the shop or garage, just tie a string or ziptie for easy hanging.
  • DURABLE - Crafted with quality in mind, these brushes are long lasting & reliable.